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Globex 12-22-08

Evening all! This could be a fun opening!
either tonites proj of 87.50 or this weekends at 88.25 pauses it
mini peak should be around here ...
well, im short from 88.25,but the better short is 890.50! just trying to get 1-2 handles before i go!
looks overbought here
it is, and 15 min is getting close!
s @ 88.50 avg 85.75
you average short 85.75 VO??
well, got my braket in to take profits at 887.25 cause it projects at least 886.75, gotta git ..see ya in the am!
can't wait to see if they sell us off hard in the new year
orders cancelled , ill watch the open...see ya on the es thread!