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ES 1-5-2009

Watching the 910 area this morning...

VAL 910.25

910.50 is the 61.8% retrace level of Friday's up trend.

Below 910 we have the 904 level:

Weekly Pivot Point at 904
Daily S1 at 903.75

904.25 is the 78.6% retrace of Friday's up trend.

POC at 913.75... will probably be ignoring this level today.

Pivot Point 918.25... will be ignoring this level also.

LDVA 24.0
Boatload of long sheep going south without seatbelts
PWD...does mine look anything like yours?

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Very close VO - I have mine set at .25 increments so I have singles 916.5-917.5 and 933.75-934.25 but DVAs are comparable
bigs -14200 now
Do you keep in mind Friday's targets @936-940.25 area? Are they still valid untill 916 not touched? Any thoughts, please.
all projections still valid until price is taken out or projection is reached
l @ 22.75 stop low
1 off 24
Originally posted by Margie

myptof, I thought you were joking the other day, hilarious!

lol, no its real...its just a divergence trade, need to have been in a trend and a higher high or double top (or close) The divergence is the big thing. I ended up drawing eyes and naming it for my own amusement. I've been calling it the Batman for years now.