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ES 1-6-2008

Good Morning Traders !

VAH 930.50
POC 925.50
VAL 922.00

Weekly R1: 954.50
Weekly PP: 904.00

Daily R2: 944.00
Daily R1: 935.75
Daily PP: 926.00

Highest High in last 20 trading days: 934.25

I will be watching what happens at R1 with great interest this morning ! Also watch the IB high for indications of a trend day if price is accepted above R1.

ES Daily Notes 5 Jan 2009
was hoping to test vah , 5 min intra dayy high and open no rotation though...removed order
sitting @934.00 to short
short 30.25
bigs back up to a net +15500 now and smalls +12k
Originally posted by myptofvu

sitting @934.00 to short

lol my 1 contract is holding up the market
let me buy one too
i held you up mypto by front running yours at 933.50 with my 1 contract
Originally posted by myptofvu

sitting @934.00 to short

looking for 930.75 stop @BE

stopped BE
Thanks PT. Very much appreciated the time and thought that you have put into the questions I asked.
I have still a lot to learn.