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No Indicator Mumbo Jumbo

08:35:04 BUY_LIMIT 1184.50
10:06:43 SELL_LIMIT 1188.50
Have establisted longs at 1132 and 1124
Final add will be at 1107 for the full gap fill from friday close
Exiting all trades at 1150 or Monday 4:15 est
I think you have something up here. There is a target up at 1162/1164 they missed to hit on this down draft.

You may or may not get your 1107...everyone expecting it. But your numbers seem good.

May 18/19 will tell the initial story.

Good luck
Its Monday again... Please remember Monday morning sickness trade
If we close above 1137 then a long till 1150 is going to be a super trade
08:29:49 BUY_LIMIT 1137.00
08:36:55 SELL_LIMIT 1139.25
Buying one at 1120 and last at 1109
Your call for an xt at 1150 on May 17 close ( 4:15 est) was close. You needed the next day open and you basically got there..good call.

Just remember there are 1103.75/1105 area on the gap fill trade to 1107.50 and below 1101 is 1098.

May 18 early May 19 should tell the tale.

4th post in this link gives a further explanation