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ASX SPI 200 futures opening/closing times relative to US East Coast Time

I'm trying to work out when the (Australian) ASX SPI 200 futures RTH session opens and closes relative to US East Coast Time. Also, when does that time change due to daylight savings changes. Because Australia is in the southern hemisphere their daylight savings moves in the opposite direction to the US. If the daylight savings changes aren't on the same days then the times could shift up to 4 times a year.

Is anybody familiar with the US EST times that the ASX SPI 200 RTH market is open and the changes throughout the year?
Yep DT, time shifts 4 times a year.
Sydney time changes to DST every 1st Sunday of October and
ends 1st Sunday of April.

SPI RTH is 9:50am - 4:30pm (Sydney local time)
that would be:

From 1st Sunday of October: 6:50pm - 1:30am US EDT
From 1st Sunday of November 5:50pm - 12:30am US EST
From 2nd Sunday of March 6:50pm - 1:30am US EDT
From 1st Sunday of April 7:50pm - 2:30am US EDT
Thanks guys - just what I was looking for!