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comments 4/26/06 (Wednesday)

Yesterday afternoon, mpcentric and myself spent some time chatting about the final ranked profiles and how they would affect today's trading. If I remember correctly, 4 of the ranked profiles left singles above the closing price like yesterday. Of those 4 trading days, on the following day, only 1 of the Single Prints filled in. When it did fill in it was safe to short it at the single and you would have taken some partials and been stopped out the balance.

Exactly the same happened today. The Single Print was a safe short for a couple of small targets and the balance would have been stopped out at break even if you'd trailed the stop. The trade's best Favorable Excursion from the entry point was 3.5 points profit and I am assuming that the stop would have been placed at b/e by about 2 points FE.