Identify Indicator Convergence Points

Identify Indicator Convergence Points to Determine Key Support/Resistance

Live event: May 30 @ 3:30 PM Chicago / 4:30 PM Eastern time.

Markets break or rally to convergence points. The objective therefore for the short-term focus trader is to recognize these convergence points and enter and exit positions accordingly. Cary Artac will demonstrate how to identify trading opportunities when classic chart pattern analysis comes together with Speed Lines and Fibonacci retracement points. Mr. Artac will discuss how he incorporates these multiple methods to validate and identify Convergence in the Treasury, grains, metals, and Dow contract complexes.

The webinar will be moderated by Larry Schneider, director of business development for the Zaner Group.

About the Speaker
Cary Artac is president of Artac Advisory Inc. Since 1993 Cary Artac has supported the professional futures trading community with quality analysis along a broad range of futures markets. The Artac Advisory newsletters deliver daily market analysis to the institutional, retail and trading floor communities, providing high-probability trading signals.