Winning The Zero Sum Game Of Futures

Trading Day By Day And Winning The Zero Sum Game Of Futures

Live event: June 1 @ 3:30 PM Chicago / 4:30 PM Eastern.

Trading Day By Day And Winning The Zero Sum Game Of Futures is the title of both the webinar and the latest book by trader and author F.H. "Chick" Goslin. Chick asks you to temporarily put aside all your knowledge of trading and take a clean, fresh look at this simple, yet far from easy, business called trading.

Starting with the differentiation between Trading and Investing, Chick will explain what he calls the Three Natural Laws of Trading and how to apply them. One of his tenets is that we only trade price. We do not trade information or knowledge; and therefore it is only smart to focus on price and its movement. The focus must be on what the price does, not why. One may approach futures trading like a game but Chick will emphasize why it is so critically important to treat your trading like a business. Included in the webinar will be a look at several markets and once you've identified both Trend and Momentum Lines, a technical-driven Trading Plan can be put into effect.

About the Speaker
F.H. "Chick" Goslin is the author of Intelligent Futures Trading and Trading Day By Day. He has been a professional trader since 1979 and has published the Intelligent Futures Trading daily futures newsletter since 1997. Chick will be interviewed by Larry Schneider, director of business development for the Zaner Group.