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Trading Systems - Developing an Indicator

Trading Systems That Work: Idea Behind Developing A Proprietary Indicator

Live event: June 13 @ 2 PM Chicago / 3 PM Eastern.

"Trading Systems That Work" is one of the industry's most successful publications. It has been translated in several languages, including Japanese and German. Thomas Stridsman has several index swing systems called "CHICAGO" that can be traded with Dow Futures. The presentation is broken up in two parts: First: How Chicago was built. The thinking process behind a successful stock-index system. The idea behind the indicator. The problems and challenges experienced during the development process and how he overcame them. What makes the system unique on a tough market and why is it likely to hold up. Second: General aspects on how to research a trading strategy properly. How to measure performance depending on where you are in the development process and proper stop placement and analysis. How to set everything up for optisizing instead of optimizing and optimal portfolio composition.

About the Speaker
Thomas Stridsman is an independent market researcher and registered Commodity Trading Advisor, specializing in algorithmic trading strategies. Before he branched out on his own, Thomas worked as the Head of Systems Trading at CQG, a company providing high-end software and data to the financial industry. Thomas' main responsibilities was to lead the development and implementation of mechanical, 100% rule-based trading strategies, and accompanying money management algorithms, trading the company money and thereby putting the company products to the test. Prior to working for CQG he was the Senior Researcher for Rotella Capital, a large commodity trading advisor in Chicago, with approximately $1 billion under management.

A native of Sweden, before moving to Chicago in 1997 he was the chair for the Swedish Technical Analysis Federation, a subsidiary of the International Federation of Technical Analysts, as well as a free lance writer for several European periodicals and news agencies. He holds a degree in economics and social psychology from Uppsala University, Sweden. Mr. Stridsman is also a contributing editor to Futures Magazine, and Active Trader Magazine.

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