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After a bit of messing around with my charts I managed to figure out that it's a 15 minute ES chart that you're showing right?

I understand the CD size versus AB size as a target resistance. What 2 numbers did you use to calculate the 1.272 fib resistance? I assume that this is cluster theory.
the range from c to d * 1.27.2 to give the projection. yes it was a 15 min chart however one could just as easily have used a 30 minute or hourly as well
Now I'm confused. The (vertical) range from a to b multiplied by 1.272 gives us the target from c to d?

In other words:
Abs(a - b) * 1.272 = Abs(c - d)

Because I thought that:
Abs(a - b) was supposed to = Abs(c -d)

my turn for the gremlins. the chart is correct the range from b to c * 1.272 ......
Ah okay - now I understand.

Is the ranbe between a and b supposed to equal the range between c and d also?

(I'm always impressed with LBR's articles - they have very sound logic behind them.)
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