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Bellsouth might be blocking email

For those of you with Bellsouth email addresses that are subscribed to email notification for new activity in the topics and forums:

You may have noticed that you have not been receiving emails recently. Also, if you have registered on the forum with an email address you will not have received a confirmation email.

This appears to be because Bellsouth has implemented some sort of blocking technology. This has been denied by Bellsouth but many people are reporting this type of problem at the moment. Here is an article that discusses it:,1895,1971082,00.asp
In an email from the company that hosts this forum on their servers:
Currently we have an ongoing issue between bellsouth and 1&1 mailservers. The issue is Bellsouth blocks the 1&1 IP and include it on their blacklist.

Now, we are contacting bellsouth to resolve the issue where its not ours lly. It will be resolved soon as per the updates by our admin. We are waiting for Bellsouth's reply for now.

In the meantime, those of you subscribed to topics who are on Bellsouth (have email addresses) will not be receiving emails so check here daily and click on the Active Topics link at the top right to see what posts have been made since your last visit.

If you are registering from a email address I will keep an eye on the registrations and manually approve you.
I had a similar issue with comcast recently as well
problems here 2
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