Pattern Trading in CBOT Markets

Pattern Trading in CBOT Markets

Live event: July 18 @ 3:30 PM Chicago / 4:30 PM Eastern time.

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During the webinar Ron Schoemmell & Valdi Thorkelsson, the founders of R.S. of Houston Workshop, will show you HOW and WHY price patterns consistently provide some of the most reliable, easy to identify, high-probability trading opportunities. They will also share details of one of their favorite patterns and demonstrate numerous chart examples. Participants in the webinar will learn to identify this pattern as it sets up at the hard-right edge of their screen and be equipped to start trading with it.

This easily identified pattern is one of the six patterns that comprise the highly acclaimed R.S. of Houston Trading Methodology and has frequently been associated with major market tops and bottoms. It works for all markets, in all timeframes. Recent examples of tops/bottoms identified by this pattern in different CBOT markets:

T-Bonds 01/18/06 High
T-Bonds 06/01/06 Low
Silver 05/12/06 High
Wheat 04/28/06 Low
Soybeans 07/14/05 High

These are just a few examples where this pattern preceded significant moves on the daily charts in recent months. In addition to being a powerful pattern for swing-traders it is also quite useful in intra-day trading as demonstrated by several recent chart examples of this set-up, in timeframes ranging from 5 to 60 min. in the mini-sized Dow and other markets, that will be presented during the webinar.

About the Speakers
The principals of R.S. of Houston Workshop have accumulated 30+ years combined experience in trading and have been teaching traders their proprietary strategies for trading stock index futures for over 10 years. Their workshops are consistently sold out in locations across the U.S. and internationally. Their methods are applicable to any market in any timeframe and they have recently started expanding their coverage to several more markets, including T-Bonds, Crude Oil, Grains and Softs.