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YM vs. ES Pivots

MS">Just a quick question. Can anyone explain why uses the Globex high and lows on the YM, but then uses the Regular Session high and lows for the ES?


The YM doesn't have a Regular Session defined. This is also true for the ER2. The ES and NQ, however, do have Regular Sessions defined for them.

We are working on something that will change this though so they will be more comparable.
MS">Hi day trading,

Thanks for the quick reply. It seems that most of the emini traders that I am familiar with actually set their pivots on the ES based upon the Globex high and low and not the Regular Session.

Just my I am sure that there are traders making money on from both session levels.

Thanks again
I didn't know that. I was under the impression that most people used the RTH figures for the ES. I know that the weekly pivots are very popular.

The ways that you can calculate and use pivots is only limited by your imagination. One of the great difficulty in testing which pivots are most effective is the subjectiveness of what worked and what didn't. For example, a trader that uses a 2 point target will have more pivots that work than don't work compared to a trader using a 3 point target.

So you also need to look at the trading style of the traders that use the all session numbers to see if they do things differently.
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