Everyone having a hard time apparently

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Everyone having a hard time apparently. Well that depends but some big name managers do seem to be struggling and this excites me like I haven’t been for quite some years. For it means just as there is retrenchment and people getting out of the market (for there will be) this is the time to be bold for the trends are just around the corner on everything whether it be in FX or commodities or Stock Markets or even Bond Markets. In other words just as people have had a enough so the market starts to do exactly what they had hoped for in the last year and the ranges and consolidations stop and the trends come back with a vengeance but as so many will have stepped out of the market so they will miss out on the best opportunity for making $$$$ in 18 months

Banks suffer proprietary trading pain from markets
By Jane Merriman
LONDON, Aug 2 (Reuters) - Wild swings in financial markets in May have hit proprietary trading at Europe's big investment banks, adding weight to the market's view that the banks' run of bumper earnings may have peaked for now.
Credit Suisse on Wednesday echoed Deutsche Bank by reporting a weaker second-quarter trading performance versus a strong first quarter, which it blamed on lower revenues in fixed income and equity proprietary trading.
"It's still hard to say if the first quarter was the peak in investment bank revenues," said Matthew Clark at broker Keefe, Bruyette & Woods.
"Because of seasonality, it probably won't become clear until next year. However, based on consensus earnings forecasts and price-earnings ratios, the market is already implying that it was the peak."
Credit Suisse's fixed income and equities sales and trading revenues fell 30 percent and 45 percent, respectively, from the first quarter due primarily to weaker performance in trading on its own account.
Deutsche Bank on Tuesday revealed a near 100 million euro loss from proprietary trading.
"It seems second quarter versus first quarter on proprietary trading there was a bit more of a swing at Deutsche Bank, which admitted it made a loss, while Credit Suisse was still profitable, but revenues were down," said Clark.

Originally published last Thursday July 27th in The Financial Times
Times are tough for the majority of the hedge funds specialising in the currency market. After suffering probably their worst year for a decade in 2005, a number of large, high-profile funds have chalked up further losses this year.

The three currency hedge funds operated by John W Henry, a noted US manager, have all lost between 10.3 and 21.5 per cent this year, while the AHL Currency fund run by the UK's Man Group lost 9.8 per cent in the first half.

Elsewhere the $5.3bn FX Concepts Developed Market Currency Program has lost 7.7 per cent this year, Sunrise Capital Management's $116m Currency Program has dropped 8 per cent and the $5.3m First Southeastern Capital Currency Program is down 18.7 per cent

PS did you see the GOOG meister drop to $38 yes $ 38 before the Exchange stepped in later and busted all trades below 352.07