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ES Equity curve from Raw Gap Fade Strategy

What amazes me about that video is that he's lifted the content straight from this (i.e. here) web site from these two pages: Gap fill probability and Gap size probability and yet gives no mention or credit to where he is taking the figures or the charts from. In fact, to me, I got the distinct impression that the way that he narrated the video and the link at the beginning and the end of the video to the TradeTheMarkets web site, that he was claiming that he did the research and was providing it to their subscribers.

The fact of the matter is that this is research that is provided here for free in the Articles section and they are charging for it. This is the study they have ripped off: Fading the Gap

Come to think of it, that's copyright violation because everything on this site is copyrighted and those charts and figures clearly come from this site.

By the way Bruce - I agree with your comments about the length of the look back period etc. If you read all the pages in that article you will see that the begin and end dates and all the math are clearly laid out so that the reader can absorb all of the stats and material in context.

The comment that he made was (I think) about Mondays after option expiry Friday's which is a stat that was calculated but with only a few (21) days of observation. Elsewhere in the study there are places where stats collected are very few and far between so it's difficult to make rational observations on so few days - like rollover days for example - only 4 per year.
WOW...I can't beleive these guys "stole" your work. At least they could give you some credit. I thought those graphs looked familiar and you guys have so much cool stuff here that I obviously forgot that I had seen it before. Keep us posted if you decide to bring this to their attention.
These two guys are the ultimate vendors at the moment. You would at least think that they would have enough $$$$$ to run their own research. I 'm not sure how long they keep those videos up so if you are planning any action against them then you should record it for later use.

This has been resolved and I posted a comment in the Trade the Markets thread stating the same. Trade the Markets now have a license to use this material.
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