I have received many requests recently asking how Kenison Counting Numbers can be used to identify consistently profitable trades in individual stocks. I will try to answer that very interesting question in this post.

It has been over thirty years ago since I discovered what is now known as the Kenison Counting Numbers precision market timing method. Intensive eyeball to chart analysis revealed that by counting forward on price charts from identifiable high and low points in the past, you could employ a specific number counting sequence to easily project where significant high and low points would the future.

What showed up was a pattern of "hits" where actual reversal days on a chart would tend to occur (1) on the day just before, (2) right on or (3) the day just after specific number counting days in the sequence.

This was heady stuff. Clearly, by using the 40 different and proven counting numbers so painstakingly identified through verifiable research, I could now exactly pinpoint into the future perfectly defined and extremely powerful 3 day reversal zones. Or, put another way, I could spotlight identifiable timing windows. And, all this available universally on any chart for any market at any time!

Amazingly, the markets literally hand us top secret timing information at the critical moment for us to use it for positioning trades in the right direction at precisely the right time to be totally in sync with the flow of market movement.

Now, here's how it works. If a market is initially trading down into a 3 day reversal zone, then we should expect a reversal of some consequence to occur to the upside during the period of that reversal zone. The anticipated reversal up is then confirmed and a buy signal is generated on any subsequent day that sees a rally above a previous day's high within the timing window. It couldn't be more simple!

And conversely, if a market initially trades up into a 3 day reversal zone, we should expect a reversal to the downside. The anticipated reversal is then confirmed and a sell signal is generated by any subsequent drop below a previous day's low that occurs within the timing window.

Another major plus is that this strategy automatically generates close-in stops and or stop/reverse points just on the other side of these recently anticipated and confirmed reversals. This cuts our risk to the bone while at the same time maximizing profit potential.

It was at this point that it suddenly occurred to me that what was really happening here in this march of black bars across price charts was the ongoing record in time of an unbelievable projection process. This counting progression appears to be tracking some hitherto unknown energy ripples that radiate forward in time from high and low reversal points in the past.

My research proved this process is indeed ongoing. It's constantly radiating energy off reversal points in the past which consequently projects three day timing windows or reversal zones into the future. This amazing reversal energy generates future reversal points in reliable interval patterns falling precisely on certain specific number counts which I had now painstakingly identified!

But, how could this be? All I could imagine was some kind of mysterious wave energy must be radiating like a beacon off top or bottom reversal points in the past. These waves are continually moving out into the future in varying degrees of intensity, set in irregular yet constant intervals and with enough structured energy to dramatically affect directional turns in any market in exactly the same manner and timing count sequence. And all this, at precisely and objectively projected points in time in the future.

Sit back for a moment and think about this. The magnitude of this discovery or literal revelation is mind boggling in it's implication and absolutely astounding in it's import! It's almost as if the curtain has been ripped back and we're now privileged to look lingeringly at the fabric of space and time. We are now witness to the framework God employs to organize time and event progressions. Shockingly, it would appear that nothing happens by chance!

Instinctively, I realized this method of market timing could not be called fundamental or technical analysis. It is rather an entirely new and unique method of market timing analysis which I dubbed temporal analysis since it is based on time instead of price. Indeed, one of the greatest hallmarks of Kenison Counting Numbers is the total lack of subjectivity in producing such valuable timing projections.

No guesswork is ever involved. The Kenison Counting Numbers sequence is easy to use and understand. It even appeals to those who have never traded before and need someone to show them the ropes. You don't need a calculator, computer program or any kind of specialized foreknowledge. The signals projected are very precise and completely objective. It's all right there on the chart. The counting numbers pinpoint exactly where the next reversal energy in the market will be exposed. And correspondingly, exactly where the next projected reversal should be expected. It's that simple. And, where do you get the charts you need? They're free on the internet!

And, here's another thing. Kenison Counting Numbers will never become obsolete. How do we know this? Simply because years of exhaustive historical research has proven that whether you're looking at constructed charts from the last two centuries, the 1970's or last week, the analysis would have worked exactly the same in each era and with exactly the same phenomenal results! After learning the Kenison Counting Numbers market timing method, you will never look at a price chart the same again.

And now another amazing fact concerning the Kenison Counting Numbers method. It works exactly the same no matter what time frame chart you're looking at! As we already know if you apply the counting numbers to a daily chart, you will project daily reversals into the future. But surprisingly, If you also apply it to a weekly chart, you will project weekly reversal points into the future. In fact, the same Kenison Counting Numbers sequence works equally well when applied to monthly, weekly, daily or intra-day charts!

So, how does all this apply to stock trading? About ten years ago, I hit upon a very powerful way to use Kenison Counting Numbers in trading individual stocks. It became the foundation methodology I've used ever since to produce our popular Bruce Kenison's Stock Market Outlook market timing advisory service.

Now, here's what I discovered. Kenison Counting Numbers not only spotlight the end of trends which of course lead naturally to the start of new trends, but also the counting number sequence pinpoints the end of retracement or congestion phases in a market. These are commonly known as bull or bear flag formations depending on whether they occur in an up or down trending market. As these patterns are completed they normally lead immediately to highly dynamic directional moves continuing the trend the market was in before the congestion phase occurred.

Why is this important? Because, if for instance we can buy a stock at the critical moment when it completes a bull flag and just before it makes a rapid and profitable move to the upside, we can maximize profit potential in several weeks or months instead of waiting for years for a trade to show substantial profit. This technique also tells us exactly when to get out of a trade that is exhausting its directional momentum.

Now, here's the secret to using this technique to produce fast acting high profit potential stock trades. By applying Kenison Counting Numbers to underlying financial and commodity markets, we can pinpoint major turnaround points in those markets which are the foundation environment for many individual stocks whose profitability is based on the underlying financial or commodity market. When a turn is projected and confirmed in the underlying market, we quickly look to the "marker" stocks associated with that sector or commodity and use the Kenison Counting Number sequence to pinpoint the exact entry point to buy the individual stock.

Here's an example. Bruce Kenison's Stock Market Outlook advisory recommended buying Phelps Dodge at 78 on July 25, 2006 and selling on August 11, 2006 at 92. That's a substantial percentage gain in less than three weeks by first applying the counting sequence to the chart of the underlying Copper market for a heads up which in turn initiated our number counting analysis of the "marker" individual stock chart. This then allowed us to precisely identify the exact entry and exit points for that trade.

And, a final point of interest. Kenison Counting Numbers analysis indicates that the U.S. stock market is setting up now for a very severe drop which will see the Dow quickly plunge below 10,000. Stock portfolio hedges and the purchase of S&P put options should be initiated now.

When you witness this market timing powerhouse in action in real markets in real time, you'll be totally amazed at the magnitude of this discovery. I guarantee it!

Copyright (c) 2006 Bruce Kenison. All rights reserved.
Bruce Kenison is the founder of several market timing advisory services employing the Kenison Counting Numbers precision market timing method and is the editor of Bruce Kenison's Market Timing Signals ezine and newsletter available FREE to investors and hedgers. He is also president of a publishing and seminar production company that recently published the 5th Edition of Bruce Kenison's Market Timing Home Study Course. For a FREE subscription to the ezine or newsletter and information on products and services, send a blank e-mail with "Subscribe" in the subject line to: [email protected]
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