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CME Globex Average Daily Volume

CME Globex Average Daily Volume in Thousands

All statistics exclude data on the non-traditional TRAKRS and CME Economic Derivatives products.

Take a look at the year on year growth. It has almost doubled.
This is huge. Either a lot more traders are in the market moving that volume or the players are doubling up their bankrolls.
Personally I get the feeling that there are more traders in the market now than ever before and it is they that are pumping up the volume and not the established and seasoned traders trading more money.
I was talking to a realtor the other day and he was saying that with the housing market going down and all the money he has made over the last few years he is switching to day trading. Also he said that a few of his realtor friends were doing the same.

I guess that there might also be people taking out equity loans on the higher house prices and using that to trade with.
I couldn't agree more Elite. Have you taken a look at the CME's newish housing futures. I keep on calling them new but they've been around for at least 6 months now so I don't think that they are really new.
It did not occur to me that higher prices in the housing market would free up more cash for day traders but this makes a lot of logical sense now.
One of the big dangers is that these people might be frivolously entering the day trading market without the right education and training and give all their money to the markets. Perhaps they view the real estate money as easy money and day trading as an extension of that?
The United States housing market is still out of control. I am thinking about selling and renting for a few years and then buying back my house later at half the price.
Is it thesame in Hungary? The housing I mean, here in the states the rent is not tax deductible.
I just pretend to be from Hungary like my hero!
Originally posted by George Soros

I just pretend to be from Hungary like my hero!

Got it
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