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I was a subscriber to the stock daytrading service for 5 months before I got bored to tears waiting for stocks to move $.19. If you trade stocks intraday, check it out. It is a good service and these guys are honest. Performance is excellent. However, when evaluating, don't forget to factor slippage (which can be substantial in stock trading) and commissions into the equation.

I'm finishing my week free emini room trial tomorrow. This service is also good particularly for beginners who can't or won't take the time to learn basic ta. Ken's calls are primarily based on technical indicators and he freely explains his method in the room. He is also trading his own account. Live results should be posted starting Monday when the room is officially launched for paying members. He also plans to offer an autotrade feature soon for those who have real jobs and can't sit in their pajamas all day watching a screen.
sounds like a good service, especially for newbies (and a few oldies as well), thanks for the review ahk

A common problem traders make, when using TA, is to over complicate the decision making process. This happens when the trader overloads their trading screen with way to many indicators and different time frames, some of which produce conflicting signals at the same time. If some of your charts are indicating a Buy setup and at the same time other charts and indicators are indicating Sell... it becomes difficult to pull the trigger and enter a trade, or once in to stay in the trade long enough to make a decent profit.

There is value in keeping things simple.
i'd rather be bored then poor!

Has anyone been a member of TradingZoo??
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