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What has worked for me--Wolfe Waves

after lots of failure ive moved on to even more success. i want to share what i do. its simple.

(the following examples are in forex, but i have also made lots of trades on the S&P emini. i never bothered to take pics of my S&P emini trades, but this method was designed for the S&P emini)

It's called the Wolfe Wave method [url][/url]. this isn't my site, i am not bill wolfe. There is a lot of misinformation on the web about wolfe waves but I was able to get a hold of the manual and the results have been amazing.

i just wanted to post this in case you are trying to follow some crossover, indicator, fib method and not succeeding.

this is simple and elegant. you know your stops, you know your take profit. set it and forget it.

here is a thread (link is broken)

start from post 131. its when i got the manual and things went well

here are some pics. hope you can see them. you buy at the "5" and take profit at the "$"

there are more. these are just a few.

clam... welcome to the forum, and thank you for you contribution here...

if you go to the chart forum [url][/url]

you can upload your charts to the server and then link them into your posts.
I first learned about Wolfe Waves from Linda Raschke in her trading room. I personally, found it difficult to see or correctly identify these patterns in real-time. It's a relatively complex pattern, as such will require more than the very elementary understanding of the W-W pattern that I currently have at the moment.

Is there a simple trick to seeing the pattern, or does it just take proper training followed by lots of experience ?
voodoo is someone I have known a while and do respect, and per chance posted up some nice W-W chart examples ... [url][/url]
OK... just for is my first official Wolf Wave Chart....

bulls are feeling pretty indestructable lately ... check out where that 1-4 trendline comes in.... have a nice day! ..... lol

Click image for original size
Weekly Dow Wolf Wave Pattern
Somebody recently asked the question in another thread and DT has directed them I will post a reply......

I bought this course years ago because it was stated by someone I respected as "one of the most reliable chart patterns".

The key here being that it is just a chart pattern.

Essentially the information on the wolfewave website gives you the whole thing, there really isn't much more to it.

The issue is that you start seeing these things everywhere, and it is essentially a gartley, butterfly, whatever pattern. It is probably no more reliable then any other chart pattern, it all comes down to money management.

I don't think Bill Wolfe is a charlatan, I think this is his thing and he just trades doesn't impress me all that much, but you could probably make it work. You could probably make any pattern work if you managed your risk and were consistent.

Also...........a lot of times the price will not hit the target line, he has various explanations and exit ideas, but in reality, you would just need to lock in some profits I think.

All in all, not that big of a deal......just a pattern that seems to work......sometimes.
I think everyone is missing the point here. Wolfewave is imho a method to emulate the big boys.

Imho opinion you have the opportunity to make the most money when things are simple...requires patience sometimes....rather do this then getting stopped out daytrading...with my ass sore....Even the guys who made real big money, turtles, Sperendeo, etc...never daytraded...they would postion trade...

Yes they are a lot of patterns but the wolfe wave is simple..I have tried to do it my self from April and was doing well...however, the missing link is the reversal date...for the oscillation up.

On the macro picture...s&p will test its 2000 high of 1588, but imho the high could come in at 1596.25/50.

Then we should have a good correction. Then when the doomsayers are in...they will drop r rates...election coming...and will drop then to the 50% rule..3% to 3.5 %. Yes Dow, nQ, S&p and I guess ER will be making real great highs come 2009/2010 possibly till 2011.

Like the 50% rule can make you could the wolfewave...50% rule never just need patience....

I missed the boat on it with gold, interest rates, silver, s&P, dow crash etc...

So if you really want to keep it simple....don't need all the courses, or indicators...just the 50% rule....always works....bulls/bears meet in the middle.

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