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Bid Ask Indicator

I would like to start a thread and post some ways I am using the bid/ask indicator I actually bought from Guy, I used to have a different way of charting this, but this is just easier.

I will explain the indicator, my techniques, it's benefits,and it's problems........
Originally posted by pem06081971

the bid/ask indicator is kind of an xray into the bar telling us a little more about what happened "inside it" that a fair statement?

That's actually a very good analogy.

Taken in context that should give us insight into the market's potential under certain circumstances. If, for example, the market is moving sideways and yet each bar is made up of net bidders then that should (theoretically) indicate that the market is likely to break down. My logic on this is that the bidders can't move it off a sideways motion and so there is hidden selling pressure in there. (I'm just typing my thoughts as they come to me so don't quote me on the validity of this theory.)
I have charts from last week to post if anyone is interested, I have just been really time is not my own during the holidays. Hopefully will get some things up this week. Happy New Year.
Yes ..more charts please...I'm still digesting this stuff...thanks

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