Pivot Point Analysis 1373

Pivot Point Analysis
Live event: January 17 @ 6 PM Chicago / 7 PM Eastern time.
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Pivot Point analysis is a mechanical trading method that is designed for long-term, intermediate and short-term traders. John will reveal set-ups and triggers specifically for stock index futures using the CBOT mini-sized Dow contracts. Heighten your trading knowledge and improve your trading skills in what promises to be one of the top trading lessons from a seasoned veteran trader. Begin 2007 on the right side of the markets by attending these highly educational webcasts, brought to you by Xpresstrade and the CBOT.

Part One will go over the history of Pivot Points, the formulas used and how they became known as the floor traders numbers. John will disclose the various aspects of how traders use these predicted support and resistance numbers to enter and exit positions as well as scalp trades. This session will also discuss which time frames traders use to calculate the actual numbers.

Part Two will discuss Johns specific and unique "multi-dimensional" trading method that incorporates a confluence of target levels using Pivot Point analysis, John will also fully explain how to filter Pivot numbers so that you can narrow daily, weekly and even monthly support and resistance numbers down in some cases to just two numbers, one for support and one for resistance.

Part three will discuss how to implement a special moving average approach that helps track trending market conditions and how Pivot Points are included in the decision making process. This presentation will include a lesson on the most critical aspects that will help reveal conditional changes so that traders can identify critical turning points in the market. He will also show how to develop a trading plan and will also show what type of risk mechanism to implement, how to maintain the trade, and what type of exit strategy to use.

About the Speaker
John Person is a 26-year veteran trader in the futures and options markets and is a registered Commodity Trader Advisor (CTA). His book, The Complete Guide to Technical Analysis for the Futures Markets, was the first book to illustrate how to use candlesticks combined with pivot point analysis. Recently, John completed his second book, Candlestick and Pivot Point Trading Triggers, released in the November of 2006. He is the editor of the weekly Bottom Line newsletter and the nation's most respected business journalists call on him for his market opinions. He is widely quoted by CBS Market Watch, Reuters, Dow Jones, Bloomberg and he also appears regularly on CNBC.