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Why vendors don't supply trading statements?

The first reason is they may not trade, but only teach.

The second reason is their performance (if they make any performance claim) may be poor and can't be backed up by statements.

The third reason is they don't have any legal obligation to do so (unlike mutual funds or regstered trading advisors).

The fourth reason is there is a greater risk of getting sued by unhappy clients who fail at trading using the methods they were taught.

The fifth reason is they don't have malpractice insurance (unlike doctors) to cover lawsuits.

The sixth, and indeed the most important reason, is the consumers in the market vendors serve don't demand them. If everyone refused to purchase the services unless they received statements, then vendors would comply or go out of business.

In other words, vendors are flourishing without having to supply statements. Consumers who vote with their wallets and not on straw poles are clearly saying the value statements provide is highly over-rated.

Are you prepared to hand over around $5,000 without seeing statements?
Good question. Now let me ask one: Do you consider Linda Raschke to be reputable?

p.s. Thanks for the green star.
You haven't answered your question yet...
Let's say for arguments sake, I was considering Linda Raschke who charges $500/month for her premium service. She doesn't provide trading statements.

In your experience and professional opinion is she reputable and trustworthy enough that I could overlook a requirement that you believe is mandatory?
I've replied here: Linda Raschke
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