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T-Rex Interview

I am not sure if T-Rex will rise to the challenge because I still have not seen him write a single trading word. Perhaps this thread will shut me up.

T-Rex: Tell us about yourself. What sort of trader are you? Do you trade the whole day or just the morning? Do you trade the ES or other contracts as well? Are you a 1 lot trader or multi-lot trader? How long did you trade before becoming successful? What former or current trader do you most respect? What sort of work did you do before you became a trader - were you a broker/merchant banker? What timeframe charts do you look at - 15/60 minutes as DayWalker mentioned? What charting package do you use? What trading platform do you use? What inspired you to become a day trading (I assume you are a day trader) in the first place? In what year did you first earn enough to be able to fully support yourself? What type of car do you drive?

Think of this like a Jack Schwager Market Wizards interview. We want to know all about a master trader. Not just his trading ideas but his entire persona. there any one on this forum who is promoting trading ideas with out encouraging one to do their own research? I think it is up to the individual reading anyones post to do their own "Due Dilligence" no matter what the topic...otherwise you might as well become the type of person who buys or sells just on a brokers suggestion or a "Hot tip". Why would anyone assume a trading method works just because it is posted on a forum? That would be ridiculous to me. New traders especially need to be encouraged to do their own research at all times.

Originally posted by T Rex

However, shouldn't the person who endorses a trading method prove that it does work by providing backtesting (or trading statements) or is everyone to assume it does based on that person's word? I believe there is real harm being done to new traders in particular who may take some of these methods as gospel only to find they don't work and lose money.

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