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met a very successful trader

I kind of feel bad I gave TRex a hard time because an odd thing just happened to me.......

The house across the street from me had been vacant for some time. I had heard rumors it was purchased by a very successful business man who wanted to get out of the city and simplify his life. Well, just this last weekend the movers arrived. I saw my new neighbor as he drove up in his expensive Italian sports car. When he got out, I noticed he was wearing a top hat, a monocle, and an ascot. I said, "wow, this guy must be a very successful businessman who has moved out of his highrise penthouse and wants to simplify his life!"

Finally Tuesday I made it over to introduce myself....he shook his diamond studded walking stick at me and said "Never disturb me during market hours, as I am a very successful trader who does not use any indicators and trades of of primarily 15 minute charts!!!!!"

I went over later to apologize. He was more relaxed and told me all about his very successful trading life. I asked him to teach me to trade, but he said he couldn't because we were neighbors. He did say he occasionally taught some strangers to trade though. If anybody wants to post their email I will tell you more about this privately, however I am not selling anything ,neither this very successful trader or myself are vendors and he probably won't teach anybody anyway. He is that successful and uses 15 minute charts and no indicators. He also wears a monocle and a top hat. Only the most successful traders do that.


TippyTom I award you the MyPivots Sanity Umbrella - a coveted award that is being given out for the first time. Don't stop with your wry yet accurate and witty observations of some of the nutcases that stop by our little corner of the world.
Thank you. I have little tolerance for frauds, in Albania those who make false claims regarding our National Vodka and Turnip Exchange are fed to wild dogs and there ancestors bones are exumed and used for fertilizer, your NFA and CFTC seem more liberal in many ways.
We are lobbying congress at the moment to have the "ancestors bones" clause added to the legislature.
Nice work!
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