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ER2 Pivot Values for 8 March 2007

Received by email:
by the way, the Emini russell never hit 788.6 on March 7. Your pivots for March 8 were wrong

It is possible that you are looking at a continuous contract on your charting platform. If you are using eSignal then you might be looking at the AB #F symbol. This symbol merges 2 different contracts together on Rollover Day. So if you look at a daily chart with the symbol for AB #F then on 7 March 2007 you will see the values for the March 2007 contract (AB H7) while today's figures (8 March 2007) show the values for the June 2007 contract (AB M7).

So on the Daily Notes page, if you look at the ER2 June 2007 contract then the high should show 788.6 but if you look at the March 2007 contract the high will show 781.9

The pivot values that you use today will depend on which contract you are trading. If you are still trading the March 2007 contract then use those pivots otherwise if you've rolled over to the June 2007 contract then use those pivots.

Let me know if that clears the confusion or more importantly let me know if I'm wrong about what you are seeing.
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