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Trading Challenge

If anyone is interested in entering a trading challenge for no money, only braggers rights? I'm open to any ideas on how this should be structured.
Originally posted by day trading

I agree inventor. I am also surprised that his style is tolerated on Elite Trader. They usually take the same attitude towards this type of person as we take here. It also amazes me that he keeps on coming back here. He gains nothing from being here and nobody has any respect for him. Perhaps he's a bored teenager with nothing else to do...?

This applies to him.

Quote -- Why we do what we do and don’t know why we are doing it?
Mike G
Originally posted by es professional trader

Wow, what a great response
Think I'll go back to Elite Trader where the bodies are breathing and the forum is robust.

lol .... thanks for the amusement !

oh and 1 little favor, please make sure to throw down your little challenge to Jack and his team of clueless dreamers when you get there....looking forward to decoding his 15 page reply...