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Quick and Easy Forex Conversions

If you're anything like me, then every now and then you need to do a currency conversion between 2 currencies. For me, this either means (1) firing up my charting application, finding the symbol for the currency and then seeing what the latest price is and doing a calculation on a calculator or Excel or (2) searching the web for a currency conversion web site and doing the same.

I've now found a quick way of doing this which also converts imperial and metric measurements at the same time. Say you are going to France and you hear that gas costs 1.35 Euros per liter. That means nothing to you. You want to know what the equivalent is in USD per gallon.

Well that's as easy as typing:
1.35 EUR per liter in USD per gallon
in the Google search box on either the Google home page or if you have the Google Toolbar you can do it right now without going to another page.

Here is the link that will give you the answer above immediately:
1.35 EUR per liter in USD per gallon
(and you thought that gas was expensive in the US...)

Here's another example:
currency of Argentina in British money

And here's some more simple stuff that you're more likely to use:
USD in Mexican pesos