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Trading Contest

Recently es professional trader suggested a Trading Challenge. One of the problems with a challenge like that is how do you measure who the winner is.

Lind-Waldock is sponsoring a Trading Contest

Anybody who runs a trading advisory service could easily get some great publicity for their service by entering into this contest. One of the drawbacks is that the ES is not being traded because this is a CBOT event and also the number of tradable instruments is larger than most day traders focus on:

CBOT Commodity Futures
Corn ZC
Soybeans ZS
Wheat ZW
100 oz Gold ZG
Mini-sized Gold XK
5,000 oz Silver ZI
Mini-sized Silver XY

CBOT Financial Futures
30-Yr Treasury Bond ZB
10-Yr Treasury Note ZN
5-Yr Treasury Note ZF
30-Day Fed Funds ZQ
Mini-sized Dow ($5) ZJ

However, if you wanted to challenge your friends and focus on 1 symbol then you could trade the Mini-sized Dow to replicated the ES.

Just an idea for those in a competitive mood or for trading advisory services to flex their muscle.
The contest runs for a week from May 6, 2007 (for a trade date of May 7, 2007) through to the close of the trading session on May 11, 2007.

Prizes are: $1,000, $500, $250.
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