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charting software


I'm somewhat new to trading and I'm looking for software that can take streaming real time bid and ask prices from my online broker and chart them together on a real time graph. Does anyone here know of software that can do that?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I've been searching the internet for a while now and I can't find anything.
Have you tried Ninja Trader?

They are a trading platform but also have charts and work off the broker's feed. I think that it's free if you're only using the charts.
Thanks for the advise, but I emailed them and they aren't compatable with Ameritrade's datafeed.
Can you open an account with a broker that has a compitable feed? Perhaps Ninja Trader has deals with brokers that would make you better off?

(Forgive me for pushing Ninja, I'm just a fan of their software.)
are there any brokers out there that have historical bid and ask prices?
Not that I have heard of.
I'm tracking this pennystock and Ameritrade quotes the bid price at .78 and ask at .87 although the current price is quoted at .39. Do you have any idea why the current price wouldn't be within the range of bid and ask prices?
If the data is correct then that might happen if the last traded price was at $0.39 but subsequently news has been released such that the company is now perceived to be more valuable and so the bid/ask pair have moved significantly above the last (current) price but no trade has taken place there yet. That's my guess.
Some food for thought: If a company floats on an exchange, before the first trade is placed the company is essentially "unpriced." The company has never traded before so the company's open market value is a theoretical concept. I'm not sure how a data vendor handles this? Perhaps they put in a current/last price of $0.00. However, market makers will enter the market and set-up bids and asks and when the first trade transacts it will most likely be at one of the inside bid/asks.
Even though this seems crazy, did it do a 2 for 1 split recently? It's kind of odd the price is exactly 1/2 of the bid.
Look into QuoteTracker, it's free, provides the basic functionality you asking for, works with the Ameritrade feed, and was recently purchased by your broker, Ameritrade, thus supports placing trades with Ameritrade directly from the charting program...

anyone use Track'N Trade from Gecko??? Heard it very good...but not free

I use strategy runner...but it seems limited....
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