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BEST Day Trading Advisory Service?

I've been reading over the forums on here for a few hours now. I'm a new futures trader and looking for an advisory service to trade along side. I think I've narrowed it down to these three that seem to be geared towards futures.

Have any of you had subscriptions with these services? If so, could you please elaborate. It may help me decide.

Here is a thread on Trade The Markets.

And here is one on the lbrgroup: Linda Raschke
I thought that we also had discussions on here about Linda Raschke and PureTick but I can't find anything of value at the moment.

I don't have any experience with any of the 3 that you have shortlisted but I have spent many hours (hundreds probably) discussing trading strategies with a couple of traders who are both ex-students of Linda Raschke and whenever discussing her they were positive about their experience in Linda's room. I think that they learned a lot from her.

Whatever path you decide to go down you have to be prepared to spend a lot of time studying the material.
Most trading advisory services are nothing but a bunch of cons men that don't even trade. The only one that I met so far that is honest and I believe he is a trader is Jimmy "JP" but I didn't see market profile works for me.
The replies that discussed The Trading Zone have been moved to a topic that was previously started about that web/system: The Trading Zone
If you want to post anything that is vendor specific then please search for that vendor's topic or start a new topic.
The "BEST Day Trading Service" is a contradiction in terms isn't it?

But if you want to seriously engage in a debate, then the criteria needs to be spelled out and the universe of participants defined before the dialogue can begin. Otherwise, what's the point?

Can the administrator set up a mechanism (like Elite Trader does) to poll readers on let's say the top 3 attributes so we can vote and then tabulate the results and post them?
What criteria/attributes would you vote on?
Originally posted by day trading

What criteria/attributes would you vote on?

Ongoing support
My personal favorite is a site that deals with forex and commodities.
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