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Go Futures and Commissions

I'm currently paying 4.80 RT on trades. I see Go adver. .99 trades. What is best firm to use for low commissions?
i saw that as well and about a month ago i had an email exchange with them to try and clarify if it was $1.98 round trip per contract. however after 2 emails they stopped responding and i never got a final answer from them and they didn't really seem very interested in pursing me as a client - which i though was strange.

my concern is that the commissions are $1.98 round trip but then on top of that you have all sorts of exchange fees and taxes etc. and so you may end up paying more the $4.80 for your trades in the end. try and get more answers out of them first and find out if you really are paying $1.98 or if it's actually a little bit more. also see if they will tell you what the minimum number of trades you have to do to get that sort of commission. thanks for brining up this subject because i was a bit annoyed when the didn't answer my questions.
I had the same experience. They didn't really seem very interested after my initial enquiry.
I finally got a reply from them - $4.26 RT to trade e-minis (including all fees). Not bad, but not the $0.99 I was looking for.

Thanks voodster. That's a little bit deceptive (IMHO) of them to advertise it that way. A bit like advertising an automobile for $5,000 and then when you come to buy it discovering that you have to pay an extra $10,000 if you also want an engine in it. charge $3.60 if you do 2,000 round trips per month with them and have a margin of $500 per contract on the ES. Their other fees (all inclusive apparently) are:

Contract/month Price
2,000 $3.60
1,000 $4.25
200 $4.75
None $5.85

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