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Who or What move the market at the close today ??

In your opinion...
Who ro what was the reason to the final movement at the Market today.- ??

Do you saw any signal before the market move ??

I got that figure from a trader at a hedge fund that specializes in computer model trading. I don't know if that is "program trading" in the strict sense, but it's trades that are automatically entered without human intervention based on things I probably wouldn't understand or don't care to.

All I know is it's causing havoc with my edge.
Thanks..that 10 point drop at the end of the day was a real "whopper". Sorry those things are messing you up. I think things will settle down soon.

Wasn't that long ago I would salivate over a 10 point move. Now we get them in 10 minutes in both directions and I'm unhappy.

I've reluctantly loosened my stops from 5 tix to 2 points and that has mitigated some of the problem. I'm interested in hearing what traders are using for stops in this environment.
Maybe I dont understand very well, but I use J-charts (this software is a new for me )for see where exist soupport or resisntence, and Pivot Points.-
I make only intradays, trading.
In all case I use 2 point to stop lose.

You make a very good questions and wait for the others with more experience says

Dr Porto