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new formula

Hello friends

I am new here. I know some one who is using a diff kind of formula for calculating the probable movements of the market for the coming day.
It works on an excel sheet. He will not give out his formula.
if we enter the todays price movements data ( open/high/low/close) data in that sheet, the sheet does give us magic figures and forecasts for the next days movements by giving a buy/sell alert at the end of the day for the coming day.

He has been kind to give me the results for a days data.
I have collected the days data and entered them in an excel sheet and also entered the results that he had given me for the next days probable movements.
I am uploading the file here , if some one can be kind and find what is the hidden formula in this sheet. THE FIRST FOUR COLUMS ARE DATA THAT WE NEED TO ENTER. AND THE REMAINING IS THE OPUTPUT WHEN ENTERED IN AN EXCEL SHEET.

I have been checking his data for some 15 days , and i have been amazed by the results. His predictions have been right for more than 80%

Hope someone will be able to find out the formula and will share with us all for benefits of all.
BTW , he trades in stock mkts .

Click link to access uploaded file:
Hi,I cannot download the excel.I have a much earlier version of excel.Thanks
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