Find your stengths

A friend has just sent me the following link:
This may help some traders identify their own personal stengths and relate them to trading and perhaps show them why they are struggling in some areas of their trading life.

I scored the following:
5.00 Logic/math
4.71 Social (interpersonal)
4.43 Body/movement (kinesthetic)
4.00 Self (intrapersonal)
3.86 Language (linguistic)
3.71 Nature (naturalist)
3.14 Spatial
1.29 Musical
A technique I found helpful, which was suggested to me by an experienced trader and mentor is: at the end of each trading day, print out chart(s) of each trading session. Then in the evening sit down and really study them, make notes on the charts, also note where you entered and exited your trades (or should have).

I found it helpful to print clean charts, meaning without indicators or price studies. This helped me focus on the actual price action. Of course, if you are trying to learn or understand a specific indicator then you would want to include the indicator on the chart. The idea is to strip away all but the most essential information (actual market data) in order to train your mind to recognize and understand price action.