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Murrey Math

Anybody use Murrey Math? Does anybody have T.Henning Murrey software, either the RT ( Real time daytrader one) or the EOD version?

I understand you need a feed from for RT and metastock for the EOD one. EOD is cheaper $1 grand and can use a 60 day trial pay for $250.00 or so.

Anybody have any experience? I don't use any software to do my trades or I'm lkg at something good and cheap, yes cheap that would allow me to better enter my trades on the long and short side.

If Murrey Math that good then $1k for EOD maybe ok...but right now I don't use anything and doing ok..but I miss the they finally get to my target.

All welcome to reply.

Here is a free Murrey Math indicator for eSignal written by Chris Kryza. (click here for free trial for eSignal)

Here is the accompanying chart with the lines:

Thanks DT.

You the man!!!

dumb question how do you paste this into esignal
Save the file into your formulas folder. If you did the default eSignal installation then this will be here:
C:\Program Files\eSignal\Formulas
inside there there's another folder called Downloads which is a good place to put this study:
C:\Program Files\eSignal\Formulas\Downloads

Then open an Advanced Chart in eSignal and right click on the surface of the chart. From the menu select Formulas -> Downloads -> MurreyMath-v4.0.1.efs

This should load the study into the chart for you. If this doesn't work then let us know what happened and we'll sort it out for you.
thanks a lot got it to work
how bout a code for tradestation for murrey math
ok, yes daytrading did tell me about the code above, but I thought I would revisit this to see if anybody has the MM program either the EOD or the day one.

Opinions, subscribers to MM program etc are appreciated.

Please reply if you have direct or close to direct knowledge. No he she said bs..please

I played with it and I think its a waste of time.

Jficquette, Did you purchased Murrey Math live or EOD software from Henning Murrey? Or did you get a code from somewhere else and put it on your software?

here is 2 days of 5m Ninja chart with free MM lines
Originally posted by nkhoi

here is 2 days of 5m Ninja chart with free MM lines

where can I find this?
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