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eSignal Market Profile discrepancies

I'm going to use this topic to log discrepancies between eSignal's Market Profile chart and the data/singles that are generated by the DVATool. This is part of my software testing and debugging procedure. If a user questions the differences between (say) the DVATool and the data that they see on eSignal's Market Profile then this is a good point to have a look at examples which may show the differences and why they differ. In a separate topic, eSignal have confirmed this to be a problem for some users (such as myself) and are looking into the problem.
This blue vertical line on the bar chart is the last bar in the H bracket.
Click image for original size
Bar chart showing confirmed single with DVATool. This single is (incorrectly) filled in on the MP chart. 18 May 2005

Click image for original size
MP chart on 18 May 2005 which incorrectly shows the I bracket filling in the H bracket single.
Good news from eSignal is that they believe that the bug may be gone in Build 726 or later of eSignal when it is released. I haven't been given a release date yet but Build 724 is coming out in next few days and it will be the release after that. Here is the thread that I read the above information in:
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