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Paid to Trade!!

With the market in the middle of the hour range , you get paid to trade by figuring out which side of the first hours range they will break it out off...for me I'm short from 60.25 but will be watching closely..this gap up has some power and the weekly pivot sits above///so may need to reverse...hourly high is at 63.25 and hourly low sits at this 59 is just about at the midpoint
I did not mean to make this a thread about me, but since I put numbers out there I will follow up, won't make a habit of it 85.25 and rallied, I viewd this as minor support, in retrospect, I should have been in, but I really felt 84.50-83.50 was a better spot.....I wanted to sell a small position at 88.25, it it 88, sold off, so I skipped it on the next run......i liked the next stop at 90.25-91.......which ended up being a nice scalp short. I will not claim this as a successhere though since I am posting it late....

I will still by 84.50-83.50, assuming we trade lower from here.......I think you could also short this 91-92 area if it trades there, but I have already played my hand around this level.....still like the 95.50 to 96.50 area for a short scalp