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ES Volume Climax Trading

anyone have any thoughts of daytrading ES Volume Climax reversals...?for example: playing off of price movements and volume spikes compared to last 5 minute bar or volume decrease etc...bottomline...anyone have experience or real insight into ES daytrading and climax voulme trading...thanks in advance
What your talking about is volume thresholds. I personally use two thresholds for volume, a min and a max value. The min value is used to indicate market consolidation. This alerts me to times I do not want to be in the market, the so called dead zones. The max value is used to indicate an unusually high level of volume relative to norms.

I have found it is necessary to interpret the volume pattern in relation to price structure. For example, if the high volume spike occurs in response to a breakout from a long period of low volume price consolidation, it is confirmation of the start of a new directional price trend. If the high volume spike occurs after an hour or more of a directional price trend then it signals the likely pause or end of that trend and either a reversal or complex retracement (ABC).
thanks for your time and answer...what defines how long in one direction and then volume intimates going in another direction...accompanied with volume you prefer of of 1,3,5minute charts etc.?
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