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Tuesday 1-08-08

Gotta get these threads cleaned up....I just covered partials on new longs at 30.50...still trying for those triples at the days highs....long way off
Ok, this just summary of ideas...

Trades from pitbull thread
1) Market opens at 29.75 and hits the minus 2.5 to the tick so you are a buyer at 29.75 .....good for 1.5 points

2)Market then rallies and misses the plus 5.5 number ( if it did hit you would sell the plus 4) so you are a seller at the plus 2.5 because it only penetrated the plus 4 to folling the rules you could only sell the plus 4 as we didn't trade beyone the plus 5.5....good for 1.5 points....

Non pitbull:

Strong sell off from the 1435 - 37 area rewarded players on the short side on Friday and they seem to protect that area again so far on Tuesday...Triples exist up there..currently

we got a 30 minute close above the area that created single prints to downside so that old single area should be support now.

We had a gap higher open into that key 37 zone after the 30 minute high was taken out...the breakdown of the 60 minute low filled the gap..down below from yesterdays close
Single print support zone should be at 27.25 - 25.25...a 30 minute close below the 25.25 number will negate the long side...
starting longer term campaign AGAIN at 1413.25..buying tails down here...stopped out on runners ( as usual at 24.75.....first target will be 27.50...damn these politicians making it tough to catch a longer term trend..secondary target is the Monday - Tueday high ( Triples there ) and then into the weekly pivot.....with all that said I will probably need to add if we make new weekly lows in overnight or if we sell off into the close...

I'd be foolish if I wasn't concerned about the two gaps open higher in a should I expect another tomorrow? probably not
got stopped at 09.75...that close beyond the single prints was a big concern for me....will start aging at 1402.50......this is close to key 1400 number and in the "window" add ons today as too late..first target is 1415.00..will re-evaluate at 4:15 close
a trade back to 02.50 will stop me out....revised first target to 1414.50..concern of where mOnday - Tuesday range violation will happen has me keeping a tight watch / stop on this...for a position trade..
paired 3 contracts at 12.50..not worth the extra two points Vs risk..stop at B/E on runners
stopped out....
In again at 93.25...much higher risk as we are below key number and the 5 points below that at 1395....only 4 contracts this time..playing the over extension...will add only if we drop 10 points from close in the overnight......what is closing Trin?
first target is 1402.50
just covered all 4 at 1400.75 here in overnight...not worth trying to hold out for more...hopefully lower trading will lead to higher prices on Wednesday.....
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