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This is a topic for members to "pick on" voodoo1. (And of course for voodoo1 to defend him/herself.)

voodoo1 is probably one of two types of traders. (1) He (she?) could be genuinely concerned for traders that fall victim to scams and pointing out the worse case scenarios etc. in commercially available systems. (2) He could also be a vendor who will for a long time put down all systems (building credibility as a trading system reviewer) until he one day finds something that "works."


(voodoo1 - My guess is that you won't take offense at me starting this topic about you if you fall into category 1.)
I think voodoo1 is some one that has bot alot systems and is asking hard questions, that scares alot of people and they think he is a loud idiot. But why would anyone want to start a thread about him is just
Call it a defensive thread. If voodoo1 turns out to be a shill for a system that he later "discovers" that "works" then this thread has already discredited that system. It removes the "shillness" from voodoo1 before he can shill - if that's his intention.
I've just sent the following email to voodoo1:
voodoo1: Does the TTZ course exist on the web as you stated? If so, please send me the link as proof. If not, please retract what you said in the forum and apologize.
That seems like a reasonable request DT.....I've heard you can download it from a website but you must pay Greg and company $2500 to join the FREE link would be the real proof........of course Voodoo1 could always say that the site has been taken down but that would be a cop out! Some how I wouldn't hold your breath waiting on this one.....
Even if the site had been taken down there will still be evidence in the Google cache (and other search engine caches) as well as the Wayback Machine. However, as you suggest, I'm not holding my breath
This is the email that I received back from voodoo1:

Thanks for taking me up on the TTz fee link, my question to you is why do you want to have the link for free before I answer your quetion. There are many hacker sites out there that google can not find, anyways please answer my question first and we shall proceed?

Also my first question leads to a second, is one of the main reasons that you have a public forum is so that you can obtain trading systems for free?

Just one mans opinion

This is obviously going to result in a run-around (which I'm not wasting my time with) with no link or apology coming forward so I think that we can all say goodbye to voodoo1.
RIP Voodoo1!!!
Anyways to those who thought I was a system vendor, why would I propose such a thought process, so who is going to be man enough to apologize and delete the voodoo1 hate thread it really hurts my cyberspace

I really have no clue why you do what you do? What I find so interesting is when anything negitive or more so, anytime your name is mentioned, you are posting within minutes. I picture you living in a very small dark apartment, sitting in a corner with your world (oh sorry, I meant your laptop) and spending as many waking hours as possible trying to make yourself look or feel like a big man. When in reality you show yourself as a insecure, negitive minded person. I do agree with one thing you say and I will be man enough to apologize. Your thread should not be about hate, it should be about people feeling sorry for you. Now , hurry up, look up some good quotes and do your thing. Oh , by the way, don't forget the