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Trading computer

I need to get a new PC for trading and I was wondering if there are any recomendations?? My PC is very old and slow. I am running Esignal and Ninjatrader on it. Thank you !!!
Personally I don't think much of spending a ton of money for "quality" because in the computer industry I'm under the impression that under the hood it's the same components (intel/amd processor etc.) and just a more expensive badge (IBM) on the outside. Rather spend half the money and buy 2 computers and use the other as a backup.

I would recommend the best value for money that you can find with a dual core 4Gb RAM, they all have large hard disks and then the biggest monitor (or multiple monitors) that you can afford.
FYI, depends on how serious you are with trading, daytrading or type trades. Don't forget about $.
see -

tradersworld could give you ideas. Or you could just build a good trading pc from -- I run the following Samsung 225 monitors are decent 22" for price; Q6600 intel Quad w/ XPPro 64 bit, match up with Raptor 10K-16m-cache drives, put in Raid 0 with a mirror backup. I use XF pci 8600gt cards, run 6 monitors.
if u invest save your time and money stay with what you have. If you trade get a decent pc on a 1200 to 1500 budget. Add some low cost 22 inch monitors. And make sure you backup or even have a back up pc.
If tight on money do a garage sale, ebay, or what ever. You need the right tools for the job.

Good Luck

I am also in the market for a new computer. I am looking at Dell's and would like to start out with 2 22inch monitors.

Any recs?
I thought I saw a good post by pt_emini here this morning but it seems to be gone now... Maybe he took it down but wherever I saw it he made some good comments about how little processor power and bandwidth trading really takes and that traders often go overboard on their equipment.

There is a caveat that I'd add to that though. If you enjoy using your computer(s) and do tons of other stuff on or you have the cash to burn then go all out and get the fastest and biggest that you can. In reality, however, realize that trading requires very little power. The biggest benefit that you might get is having a lot of screen real estate and that comes with multiple monitors or large monitors.

The other thing that you can do is get a couple of used laptops and just use them for their monitors. I've seen software that allows you to utilize networked laptops from a main computer as if it was one large screen. You can also use them independently across your network.

boomer: Dell is as good as they get - let us know what you get in the end.
I just want to thank everyone for giving me same great advice. I have built for me a wishlist from ( great site! very reasonable), and I will build myself a new pc very soon. Thanks again.
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