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13 June 2005 (Monday)

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Session Start: Mon Jun 13 08:50:44 2005
Session Ident: #t1
[09:26:03] <tuna> guy are your weekly pivots done from the sept contract only?
[09:26:47] <guy> no tuna
[09:26:58] <tuna> ok
[09:34:13] <fspeculator> guy do you back-adjust contracts?
[09:34:26] <fspeculator> in ES it's less of an issue, but in e.g. ZB it';s huge
[09:36:13] <guy> no fspec
[09:45:54] <guy> i think that i've really messed up this morning
[09:46:32] <guy> I started offering 629.2 on ER2
[09:46:42] <guy> on the bar as it was last touched
[09:46:44] <signal> [img]
[09:46:57] <guy> and I think that 629.4 is going to be the high for the day
[09:47:17] <guy> alpha and k-line came straight out the gate with really strong sell signals
[09:47:38] <guy> and i was having a bit of computer problems and i think i've missed the trade of the day...
[10:01:28] <guy> .
[10:01:37] <guy> I'm still sitting on my hands watching this missed trade
[10:01:42] <signal> [img]
[10:01:43] <guy> here is a current chart
[10:02:03] <guy> the yellow dotted line shows the 50% line since the open this morning
[10:02:20] <guy> alpha is positive so i'm going to sit and watch until i have a good setup
[10:16:53] * mptrading has joined #t1
[10:36:17] <guy> Current ER2 comming up...
[10:36:22] <signal> [img]
[10:36:27] <guy> I'm very happy that I was wrong about that HOD at the open
[10:36:33] <guy> because I missed it
[10:36:55] <guy> but that would have still been a good trade with an excellent signal from alpha and it only went 7 ticks over the VAH
[10:37:41] <guy> The VAL was a perfect buy point today (I wouldn't have and didn't buy it because no alpha confirm)
[10:38:04] <guy> We are getting lots of TimerA1 signals
[10:38:19] <guy> I've just got a signal that a single filled on ES...
[10:38:50] <signal> [img]
[10:46:32] <guy> The ER2 has a single print at 634.3 which hasn't been filled. This is from way back - about 2 or 3 months ago. In fact from 15 March 2005
[10:47:09] <guy> The other single print from this day proved to be an excellent short if I remember correctly
[10:47:17] <guy> We hit this a few trading sessions ago
[10:49:33] <guy> ER2 just bumped its head against DIBH
[10:49:40] <signal> [img]
[11:00:49] <guy> rotation factors
[11:00:55] <signal> [img]
[11:31:43] <signal> [img]
[12:17:27] <signal> [img]
[12:18:33] <guy> not feeling well... i might be back later...
[12:18:37] * Disconnected
Session Close: Mon Jun 13 12:18:39 2005

Apologies for not coming back to the trading room yesterday. I was unwell. Unfortunately alpha had some great signals. I'll post them in the room tomorrow. I hope everyone had a good day trading.

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