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ym data

today cbot stopped transmitting free emini YM data.
cme stated that cbot minis had switch over to cme globex.
esignal states only way to get eminis now is to pay 60.00 for full cbot data which is rediculous if you just want YM data.
Seems as though paying for CME globex should be enough but esignal says no.
In addition esignal says if you want globex you have to pay the 45.00 fee + current emini fee of 30.00. Their own sheet states globex includes eminis. Think we are getting ripped off here.
Any thoughts?
I use IQFEED and they show that the free CBOT is available until April 1, 2008. Esignal might be ripping you off.
I use TradeStation, and had been receiving YM data along with the other eminis. As of Monday, I have not been able to get YM data. Must be similar to mudd's situation. I don't foresee paying more for the data, since I primarily trade the ES anyway and am mostly interested in comparing the action of the NQ and ER2.

there are plenty of brokers offer free data and charts, don't get trap in old broker business model.
update Iqfeed now shows CBOT emini will be $15 after 4/1
Thanks for the update beyondMP
What if every one boycotted YM ?

I think that the YM used to compete against the ES for business. Now that they belong to the same company they're not competing anymore so they don't need to offer the live price data for free.
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