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Market Profile-Openings

I'm surprised there's no threads about market profile. Here's just a bit of background about it. Market profile is a method for analysing the structure of the market. It's a top down approach if you like that helps you figure out supply and demand and who's winning the battle between sellers and buyers. It helps you try to figure out where the market is going, analyse opens, what type of day to expect and so on.
I'm a beginner, I've been trading for 5 months. I got into market profile because it was recommended by Linda Rashke featured in New Market Wizards, very, very clever trader. I got all my knowledge of market profile by reading mind over markets by James Dalton. Anyway, I have a question relating to one open trading strategy, the open-test drive:

In the book I mentioned above; page 67 it states: the odds favour placing trades in the direction of the driving activity, as close as possible to the tested extreme.

This may seem obvious to you, but not quite to me: the driving activity: I'm confused about what that means. I would assume the drive is the direction in which price is going right from the open. But in this case, drive seems to mean direction in which price goes once it has tested its reference point. Ie, you have open test of ref point then drive in the opposite direction; is that right?

There was an open test drive on the FTSE on 29/02 which tested the prev day low at 5979. Price drove to 5982 then reversed, paused for a bit at 5970, went to 5963, came back to 5970 and then we had a trend day down. In this example, according to the book, we would look at placing a sell trade at 5970 as soon as 5979 has been rejected. Am I correct?

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amtrader: Welcome to the forum and thanks for your post. If possible, it often helps if you post a chart with your example as the picture often illustrates more clearer and quicker than a description.

In your example, I do not believe that Dalton meant you to use a limit order to get into a position at that point. Further down that same paragraph he says "However, during this type of open (like the Open-Drive), placing the trade early is more important than the immediate trade location. If you wait to buy a pullback or wait to get perfect trade location, you will often miss the opportunity altogether."

He then goes on to say "Once price has driven in one direction, it should not return to the point where the drive began..." so I believe that you strategy is not a correct interpretation. This is just my opinion - I may well have misinterpreted it myself.
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