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How consistent is good enough?

Well, my first year as a day trader is over now, and over the course of the year I've been fortunate enough to make a very good amount of profitable trades. I've been researching over the last gew nights to try to find out what the average daily rate of return a pattern day trader normally makes. If I divide my total yearly gains by the number of trade days there are in one year I come out with a 5.5% aveage daily rate of return. Of course i cheated, being a software developer i was able to develop an automated algorythmic trading software that trades for me, rather than risking the emotion of trading myself.

I was curious as to how many traders are abe to make a 5% daily rate of retun on average, and weather the algorythm would be worth anything, if anyone were to purchase the algorythm, how would i price it?

I'm really looking for feedback from more experienced traders, as I've only been trading for 1 year (with my algorythm) does anyone have any idea of what the algorythm would be worth? Or who i would approach to sell it? Oh and before you ask. Yes my trades are all real and backed up by a real trade history and account balances. So the sales pitch would be completely verifyable.

Any thoughts would be apprciated.
If by instruments you're asking about analytic indicatos, then there ar too many to list. Over 700
Nope, I only wanted to know what you were trading. Futures and the margin used would tell me the leverage. Doing an approximately 1375% yearly rate of return unleveraged is incomprehensively phenomenal. I can't see selling it for 2 million, I was comparing them spending 2 million instead of 100 million, which, in all honesty, doing what you did on no margin, I think it would be 'worth' substantially more than 100 million, but that's just my opinion.

As far as the cloak and dagger crap, I'm not sure I agree. I used to work for industry, and they had a computer program, and this was decades ago, that did what was called a 'matrix deconvolution' of a sample. Basically what it did was analyze a sample and take a UV spectral anaysis. It then had a store of thousands and thousands of spectras from various compounds. It then looked at all possible combinations, including the relative percentages needed to form the curve that was seen. It was amazingly accurate. We had to do other various tests from completely different methodologies to confirm the results, and they were quite accurate.

Given the technology and computer power of today, it would actually be quite easy to program in 700 or 1000 indicators (I didn't know there were anywhere nearly that many) and do a 'deconvulation' analysis until the given trades were produced. May sound a little science fictiony, but mathematically it wouldn't be that hard, in my opinion. If you do any studying on industrial espionage, you would see it is big business, and the spying and money spending they do is unreal. But, as you said, you have no worries about that, so you are set with your course of action. I was just thinking with a once in a lifetime thing like this, you would want to be extra cautious, but I see you have it under control. Just don't settle for 2 million, do what DT said and shoot for at least 100 million :-)
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