Importing/Parsing Value Areas and POC (Excel)

Great from you to post the Value Areas and POC here in this forum, thanks!

Would it be possilbe for you to change the format in a way so that the data could be easily parsed automatically (let's say into an Excel sheet)?

It is easy with your pivot points as Excel can import webpages or tables on webpages. But with the VA and POC in the forum and posted as text and not as a table it is hard to do. Perfect of course would be to have a seperate page (like with the pivots), or at least to have a table in the forum which can be imported as a table.

Thanks a lot for you considerations!
We certainly hope to be able to provide that at some point in the future. The idea is to join the VA/POC values with the Daily Notes and also make them available via other formats such as RSS, CSV/XLSX, and via web service calls.

Keep on the good work and your great site!