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Weekly Pivots?

Just curious when they get updated as I noticed last weeks are still showing.


Good point - they get updated on Fridays but there wasn't any trading on Friday so they didn't update. Let me take a look at that...
I was just looking back at 2007 and it looks like there was trading on Easter Friday last year but no trading this year. Is this right?
Weekly Pivots? I tried to use the calculator and arrive at last weeks pivots using the week of the 14th HLCO but I didn't get the same numbers as currently posted. Therefore, since I can't learn to fish I respectfully request one. Could you please post the latest and the greatest weeklies?

Bruce Johnson
Dana Point, CA
Bruce, the current numbers posted are weekly pivots for the previous week, not last week. So there's a good chance that the values that you calculated are correct. The weekly pivots for this week weren't calculated because there was no trading on Friday. This week's numbers should be updated this evening.
What I did was to go to a weekly continous (@ES) chart, take the HLOC of the week ending the 14th. o=1298.5, H=1340.75, L=1275.5, & C=1293, hit "calculate and was given the following...R3=1433.58....PP=1303.08...S3=1172.58 etc. Posted was R3=1425.33,...PP=1301.08,...S3=1176.58, close but no cigar. So perhaps Tradestation uses different HLOC or maybe I should use the pit charts, I don't know but the concept is so simple, yet seems effective that I would like to know how you derive your numbers. As to the value areas, I will leave that up to this site.

Thank you for your past efforts and hope this message finds you well
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