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Enduring Success

[Originally posted Saturday, July 01, 2006 2:45 PM]

I have just found a note on my desk with a title "4 components of enduring success." It was during one of those paper clean-ups where you work through the pile of pieces of paper that surround you and make sure that you're not about to shred or throw away a very important number.

I usually try and enter all details into the computer so that I don't lose them but sometimes the computer is tied up doing something or I'm free-handing for the novelty of it.

As such, I don't know where I got this information from. It may have been from another web site or from a podcast I was listening to but unfortunately I've lost the source so cannot give credit where it is due. If you know where it came from please feel free to post a comment to this blog and I'll amend as necessary.

The bold is what I copied down and the rest are my thoughts on the matter.

Four Components of Enduring Success
  1. Successful people feel that their work is pleasurable and they feel content. They would do it even if they weren't paid for it - probably as a hobby.

  2. They feel that they are mastering a set of challenging skills and their efforts accomplish something. If it was easy to do they would lose interest because the 'satisfaction of achievement' would be diminished.

  3. They feel that they make a positive impact on people they care about. Human nature is such that an act of philanthropy gives you a 'high.'

  4. The feel that they are creating a legacy and that their efforts will somehow help others also find success. This again falls into the self-satisfying feeling that philanthropy creates.
Very interesting Post.
The truth be told To me it clearly seems like you strongly resemble all 4 criteria for Enduring Success.

Thanks for all of your Great work on here.

All the Best
Thanks for the kind comments John.
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