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Where do I begin?

I am new to the trading arena. I have spent a few hours reading posts from this site and have found that "you people" are very informative.

I've dabbled in the e mini market for a couple of years. I am pretty familiar with how it works and how the game is played. My question is this? Where do I begin?

I've looked at a couple of websites that have programs (mentorships) that are geared toward teaching people how to become traders. My goal is to become a full time day trader. I know this will take time and my expectations are low. I'm not looking for the "holy grail". I'm looking for a mentor or a system that has proven to be a viable system for becoming a full time trader. I'm not looking to get rich trading. I just want to make enough to take care of my bills.

My goal is to be able (someday) to make $500 per day. I know this is not possible starting out. Am I dreaming about the $500 per day?

I've looked at several systems and I am trying to do my due diligence. I am in no hurry to be conned or hustled.

I have been impressed with the ATW (advanced trading workshop). They seem to have a good program and I know someone who is currently in their mentorship program. Does anyone on this site know about this company?

The other company was Traders International. I read some postings on this site about them and it seems that they are not reputable. Any further feedback would be of help.

Another company is Hindsight trading. They don't have a free demo and I'm still checking to see if they have a live workshop where someone is trading. I am skeptical so far. Anyone know of this company?

I consider myself to be intelligent, patient, driven, and what seems to be the best quality, dumb enough to want to be a trader. I'm not sure what it is, but, this trading stuff gets in your veins and you need more.

So...where do I begin? What system is recommeded? What mentor is recommended? Blah Blah Blah.

I would appreciate any comments from you people. I've read the articles, I've studied,'s time to make a decision on which direction to go and proceed.

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topgun: are you on the tos platform?

What are you talking about?
there is a trader on tos platform. his tag is topgun.
Not me.