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Opening and Closing Time to Calculate Pivot Points

I use Sierra charts and there is a feature that draws the Pivot Points automatically. Even though the software is using the classic formula I notice the Pivot Points are different from what I see at the My Pivots Daily Notes - Numbers for Day Traders. I think the problem is that my software has the closing time for 11:59pm. What is the correct opening and closing time for the NQ, YM, and ES markets? Thank you.
We use the all session times here. So the opening price will be at 16:30 ET the previous day. The closing price will be 16:15 that day. On most charting packages and indicator software you can either (1) specify when it should start calculating or (2) reduce the data you see on the chart and it will use your reduced set of data to do the calculation.

The other thing that you can do to try and confirm the numbers that Sierra Charts are using are to take the different values that are on your chart and plug them into the Pivot Point Calculator to see if they match up with the pivot points being generated by Sierra.
I have practically read all the post in 16 pages here, new trader getting up to speed. I understand that selecting a calc style is up to user and is my opinion that the bias for the es is the rth. based on posts. But my pivs. calc is stated to figure all sessions. could some clarity be provided to ensure which way were going here rth.or all. I'm pretty sure it is all though.
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